Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Survey FAQs



What are the benefits of participation?

Survey participants gain early access to the data in Benchmark Central before the Report is published. Survey participants who are not members of the Council on Foundations receive the Report for free.

Can I participate?

Organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:

  • File annual IRS Form 990s (corporate giving programs excepted)
  • Based in the U.S.
  • Have at least one part-time, paid CEO or Executive Director

How do I participate?

The Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Survey lives in Benchmark Central. If you have never participated in a GSB Survey, email your first and last name, title, and email  address to in order to obtain a Benchmark Central account. 

What information will I need to complete the survey?

Most participants refer to the following documents:

  • Current year's IRS Form 990 (estimates are fine)
  • Organizational budget
  • Payroll reports
  • Benefit summary plan documents
  • Job Descriptions
  • Compensation data from your HR system (current salaries, job titles, reporting relationships, years in position)
  • Last year's survey responses (if relevant)

What positions are included in the Survey?

Our goal is to collect data on ALL full and part-time positions at your foundation. We provide a list of 36 position titles in the survey. However, position titles can vary greatly between foundations. The titles provided in the survey do not need to exactly match those at your foundation. Use the job function descriptions as a guide to select the appropriate position title. If you have questions about which title would be the best fit for a position at your foundation, please email

Where does my state fall within the geographic breakdowns in the report?

The GSB report follows the U.S. Census Bureau's Region and Division breakdowns: Census Regions and Divisions of the United States

How much does the Report cost?

The Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report and related products are free to Council on Foundations members and to survey participants. For nonmembers, the 2023 Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report costs $549.

When are the data and the Report made available?

The 2023 Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Survey closed in May 2023. Survey participants gained early access to the data in September 2023, and the 2023 Grantmaker Salary and Benefits Report was published in early October 2023.


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