Webinar Recording: Change from the Bottom Up

Lancaster County, PA was suffering from many of the same problems that smaller communities throughout the U.S. have encountered throughout the past few decades -- stagnating job growth and waning industries. Local leaders saw these problems and realized that the survival of their community was at stake. In order to overcome the challenges, they needed to come together and become catalysts for change.

Join this webinar to hear how Lancaster County achieved the successes featured in a New York Times article with Lancaster's own Sam Bressi, President & CEO of the Lancaster County Community Foundation. In the call you:

  • Hear from Sam about what they have done to create a thriving community;
  • Learn more about how they have maintained a welcoming spirit for immigrants and refugees; and
  • Explore how their approach was a winning strategy for their community and the foundation.

Sam will discuss how the team at Lancaster County Community Foundation works to elevate underrepresented voices and bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table to make Lancaster a more equitable community.  Learn how some of these ideas could be implemented across the nation and world in an effort to create shared ownership within our communities.

Moderated by the Council's Director of Community Philanthropy, Brad Ward.

Q&A to follow brief remarks and commentary with Sam.




Connect with Council Staff

Daniela Rodriguez Ranf

Director, Leadership Development and Training

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In a nation deeply divided by partisan politics, we can turn to the work being done at the grassroots in our communities as a source of hope, information, and change. Join us for a conference call with Samuel Bressi, President & CEO of the Lancaster Country Community Foundation, who was featured in the New York Times for LCCF's work in the Greater Lancaster, PA area.

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