Continued Learning: Trends in Professional Development for Community Foundations

Explore the critical learning journey for community foundation professionals in today's context of offerings and identify what you need to know.

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Are you curious about where you and your staff of community foundation professionals can develop the latest core competencies required to administrate, lead, and advance your community foundation?

Join Council staff Brad Ward and Daniela Rodriguez-Ranf, as well as Judy Sjostedt, faculty member for the Council’s Community Foundation Excellence (CFE) courses and contributor alongside Steve Alley to the online learning program, CF Express Training, as we indentify:

  • Cutting-edge issues that are compelling community foundation staff to expand and evolve in their expertise and knowledge, while also recognizing the tried-and-true methods still relevant today.
  • Explore the professional development offerings available to staff, governing boards, and volunteers deeply committed to advancing their community foundations in sound and ethical practices as well as innovative approaches.
  • Find out how these courses can compliment one another to maximize learning opportunities.

Dive into the top issues that still face many U.S. community foundations, as well as trending issues that require additional skill sets and applied knowledge. This webinar offers perspective and sound advice on how and why staff should allocate and advocate for more resources devoted to professional development—

  • What is the return on investment expected and desired from professional development?
  • Why is it critical for every thriving organization?
  • What are the implications of investing in your staff, governing board, and volunteers to be highly skilled and educated in the work of community philanthropy?
  • How can the investment support talent retention, recruitment, as well as personal and professional satisfaction?
  • What will it yield on the bottom line of cultivating relationships for greater speed, efficiency, and impact?

Finally, our presenters gives attendees a few ways to talk about these line item expenses with governing boards and finance committees to ensure they are included in your operating budgets.  Too often, little to no professional development and travel is afforded community foundation budgets, leaving little room for self-improvement and professional advancement, much less access to the rich resources to accelerate, amplify, and simplify your workload.


Brad Ward, Director of Community Philanthropy, Council on Foundations


  • Daniela Rodriguez-Ranf, Program Manager, Professional Development, Council on Foundations
  • Steve Alley, Managing Partner at Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates, former community foundation executive
  • Judy Sjostedt, Executive Director, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation