Developing an Investment Strategy

Taught by the Fund Evaluation Group, this webinar explores some of the issues in crafting and developing an investment strategy for community foundations.

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This webinar on investment management is presented by Jeff Davis, CAIA, Consultant at FEG Investment Advisors and co-lead of FEG’s 2019 Community Foundation Survey, and is part of the Community Foundation Excellence (CFE) Finance Course. For this particular webinar, objectives include increasing the capacity of participants to:

  • Recognize the need for a comprehensive investment program, with well-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the purpose of and components of a comprehensive investment policy, including spending policy
  • Understand how to build an investment portfolio aligned with long-term goals
  • Recognize and understand the various asset classes available, and recent sentiment amongst peer foundations towards various sub-asset classes
  • Identify qualitative and quantitative characteristics for evaluating investment managers, and recent sentiment amongst peer foundations towards active and passive strategies
  • Evaluate the recent rise in impact investment opportunities
  • Understand the increasing interest in utilizing donor advised funds and externally managed accounts, and how peer foundations are managing them

Content for this webinar was developed, redesigned, and sponsored by the Fund Evaluation Group (FEG).

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