Country Note: Germany

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Germany Country Note

 Getting Started

Getting Started

Learn how to start grantmaking in this country and find information for local contacts, including Council members grantmaking locally. This content is for Council members only.

 Nonprofit Law

Nonprofit Law

Detailed information about the legal framework for nonprofit organizations in this country.

 Resources & Reports

Resources & Reports

A one-stop shop for recent research, reports, and resources related to philanthropy, grantmaking, and civil society in this country.

About Country Notes

The Council on Foundations maintains a regularly updated library of resources for making grants in specific countries. Country Notes are widely used by U.S. and global foundations, nonprofits, governments and academic institutions to understand and strengthen cross-border philanthropy.

This enhanced Country Note provides key information on domestic nonprofit laws and regulations, research and reports, local contacts, and other key information to help you get started with grantmaking into this country. As one of our most visited countries, we hope these expanded resources will be helpful for grantmaking into germany.

Council members have access to all enhanced Country Note materials. Non-members are able to access the Legal Information and Resources sections of this Country Note.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Council member to gain access to all materials, please contact

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